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  • Ck32a3-s multifunctional turning milling compound CNC machine tool


    Ck32a3-s multifunctional turning milling CNC machine tool can process all kinds of complex parts and components, including 5g communication equipment connector products, instruments, meters, electronic products, micro components, connectors, glasses, clocks, lighters and various hardware accessories, etc. it can realize automatic exchange of working procedures and two-step processing. Equipped with automatic feeding machine, it can realize automatic addition Work. It not only maintains the characteristics of good rigidity and high cutting accuracy of the row cutter lathe, but also solves the problem of two working procedures under one clamping of the workpiece.

  • Zhejiang Baoyu CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. participated in the 12th 2016 Ningbo Manufacturing Expo machine tool & Mould Exhibition


    The theme of 2016 Ningbo International Machine Tool Exhibition and the 12th mould capital Expo is "intelligent upgrading of cluster innovation". The exhibition area is expected to be 55000 square meters, with 500 exhibitors and 60000 target visitors.

  • Zhejiang Baoyu CNC machine tool (Anhui cosmos machine tool) m42-i turn milling compound CNC lathe won Anhui Science and technology research achievement award


    M42-i multi-function turning milling complex CNC lathe integrates turning, milling, drilling, boring, tapping and other functions with a device, which can be used for milling, drilling, tapping and other composite processing of end face and side. It is especially suitable for machining some parts with complex shape and high precision requirements. It can complete all or most of the processes in one clamping process, which can ensure the accuracy and accuracy It can improve efficiency and reduce cost. The machine tool has flexible spindle holding auxiliary mechanism, which improves the rigidity of parts processing. The direct tool changing system can save the complicated steps of the procedure and shorten the running time of the tool changing, and save the cost for the user.

  • Anhui universal machine tool (Baoyu CNC) welcomes the Mid Autumn Festival


    "The main gate of the garden is wide open, and there are sheep horn headlights. On the platform in front of the Jiayin hall, the incense was burned, the wind candle was held, and the melons, fruits and moon cakes were presented. Mrs. Xing was waiting in it for a long time. It's really a moonlit lantern, popular cigarettes, crystal and dense, indescribable. The ground is covered with worship blanket and brocade mattress This is the scene description of the Mid Autumn Festival of the Rongguo mansion in a dream of Red Mansions. After that, there are more lively family banquets and moon watching activities. The atmosphere of the Mid Autumn Festival can be seen everywhere. "All the tables and chairs are round, especially for the meaning of reunion". During this period, we also played drum games, wrote poems and songs, and it was very lively.

  • Baoyu CNC provides cooling for workshop staff in hot summer


    The scorching sun is like fire and the heat is hard to cope with. Recently, the high temperature in the whole country continues. In order to protect the health of workshop workers, reduce the adverse factors caused by high temperature and ensure that all employees devote themselves to safety production, Anhui cosmos Machine Tool Co., Ltd. (Zhejiang Baoyu CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd.) has recently launched "summer cool off activity", which gives the employees who stick to their Posts a little cool in the hot summer, and it is the standard for the workshop staff Prepared cold mung bean soup, let all staff feel the warm and intimate humanistic care of the company leaders.

  • Anhui cosmos machine tool change management launch conference


    Under the current market environment, the opportunities and threats faced by enterprises are changing dramatically, and the competition is becoming more and more fierce; the fittest survive, the fittest will be eliminated. Therefore, it is necessary to make timely changes to adapt to the changes of the environment; the market is changeable, and everything is oriented to meet the needs of customers; therefore, it is impossible to change without keeping pace with the times, because the needs of customers are changing, managers must constantly change management to ensure the survival and development of enterprises.

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