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  • Zhejiang Baoyu CNC machine tool (Anhui cosmos machine tool) m42-i turn milling compound CNC lathe won Anhui Science and technology research achievement award


    M42-i multi-function turning milling complex CNC lathe integrates turning, milling, drilling, boring, tapping and other functions with a device, which can be used for milling, drilling, tapping and other composite processing of end face and side. It is especially suitable for machining some parts with complex shape and high precision requirements. It can complete all or most of the processes in one clamping process, which can ensure the accuracy and accuracy It can improve efficiency and reduce cost. The machine tool has flexible spindle holding auxiliary mechanism, which improves the rigidity of parts processing. The direct tool changing system can save the complicated steps of the procedure and shorten the running time of the tool changing, and save the cost for the user.

  • Baoyu CNC provides cooling for workshop staff in hot summer


    The scorching sun is like fire and the heat is hard to cope with. Recently, the high temperature in the whole country continues. In order to protect the health of workshop workers, reduce the adverse factors caused by high temperature and ensure that all employees devote themselves to safety production, Anhui cosmos Machine Tool Co., Ltd. (Zhejiang Baoyu CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd.) has recently launched "summer cool off activity", which gives the employees who stick to their Posts a little cool in the hot summer, and it is the standard for the workshop staff Prepared cold mung bean soup, let all staff feel the warm and intimate humanistic care of the company leaders.

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