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Anhui cosmos machine tool change management launch conference

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The speech is mainly divided into six aspects

1、 Changes in market environment

Under the current market environment, the opportunities and threats faced by enterprises are changing dramatically, and the competition is becoming more and more fierce; the fittest survive, the fittest will be eliminated. Therefore, it is necessary to make timely changes to adapt to the changes of the environment; the market is changeable, and everything is oriented to meet the needs of customers; therefore, it is impossible to change without keeping pace with the times, because the needs of customers are changing, managers must constantly change management to ensure the survival and development of enterprises.

2、 Customer expectations

We talked about the changes and changes in the market. Let's talk about the problems our company faces: what products do we use to attract our customers? Why do customers choose our products? What do customers expect from our products? Customers come to the factory and hope to see what our production site looks like? Would you like to see how our quality system works? What kind of machine tools do our customers want to buy?

I think what customers want to see is definitely:

1. Good function, 2. Good quality, 3. Good delivery time, 4. Good price, 5. Good service.

3、 Problems of the company

With the change of the market, the orders for urgent orders, inserting orders and refitting are gradually increasing. Due to the failure to make appropriate changes in management, unreasonable phenomena such as system, responsibility, management, work site, staff discipline, delivery time, product quality, production system efficiency, etc., are unreasonable, whether now or in the future, We have no ability to change the market ecology. The only thing we can do is to change ourselves to adapt to the market. If we do not make changes, these problems will become the fatal factors that hinder the development and survival of the company.

4、 The urgency and determination of change

Change is not only necessary, but also urgent! Any enterprise in the world needs change management. The competition among enterprises is the competition of creativity. Without innovation, there will be no progress. To innovate, there must be change! Change is to do better, not to deny the past, but to make improvement on the basis of inheriting the past experience; it is a kind of continuous improvement, the idea of full participation; more importantly, through change, the enterprise can quickly respond to the changing market, so as to ensure that the enterprise can maintain its advantage in the fierce market competition. Of course, the first work that must be done before the change is It is necessary to have the determination and courage to change. Only by making the determination to change first, can we change, improve and reform.

5、 Methods and steps of change

When we have enough determination to change, we must have methods and steps for change. All of you here hope to make progress together with the company, hope that the enterprise can develop at a high speed, and are willing to make changes, but we don't know how to do it. Today, we are very honored to invite an enterprise management improvement expert with rich management experience as our consultant teacher.

In the following period of time, we will change through the following aspects:

1. 5S site improvement and visual management

2. Lean production management

3. Strengthen quality management and continuous improvement

4. Establish performance appraisal system management and put into use

5. Purchasing warehouse management and production control improvement

6. Improve the management ability training of management cadres and the backbone of the company

6、 Overdue effects of change

      Through the above changes, we can fully mobilize the enthusiasm and wisdom of all staff, eliminate defects and waste in every post in time, gradually optimize the process flow, and form a standardized production system, so that our product quality, delivery time, service and other aspects can satisfy customers, realize our company's vision, and make our machine tools become the most advanced in the world Machine tools with cost performance.

It is the key to the success or failure of the reform whether we can conscientiously carry out the task of reaching each cadre and employee. We hope that the cadres at all levels of the company can take the lead and lead by example. Be able to make overall arrangement and deployment of the work in this field from the perspective of the overall development of the company, and hope that all employees can actively participate in the reform and improvement, continue to learn and improve. Improve the overall level of the company, effectively improve the overall efficiency, constantly improve the process, create a first-class production site, first-class customer satisfaction, create a first-class staff team, fully carry forward the enterprise work style of loving work and dedication, unity and cooperation, rapid response, and conscientiously do everything, so as to realize the overall promotion of the company's reform. Of course, there will be more difficulties and obstacles in the process of reform, but I believe that as long as you make up your mind, all problems will be solved easily!




















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